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18 Aug

As technical issues can be life-changing, where next for test data management?

18 August 2011 by Jo Wright

Read any statement made by an organisation after a blunder has occurred and it is easy to marvel at the judicious use of bland phrasing.

In ‘crisis management’, the first flurry of activity is almost invariably designed to buy time. Behind the scenes, cue frantic accusations, investigations and counter-accusations. Perhaps there isn’t a management phrase that approximates ‘arse-covering’ but let’s go with a ‘full and thorough investigation’, and no one, be it management or otherwise, wants to be still running around the chairs when the music stops.

04 Jul

Lessons learnt in Data Migration

04 July 2011 by Milan Sengupta

When I began working on a data migration project last year, I did not have much idea as to what it could entail. I did not have much experience with data migration before apart from having some theoretical knowledge of what one should consider for testing such a project scope. I am glad I went through this experience because I have learnt so much about it that I'd like to share with you today.

28 Jun

Another glitch in the system: Could better quality test data have resulted in 15,000 people avoiding Olympic disappointment?

28 June 2011 by Jo Wright

Friday morning, 6am, the race began to apply for the 'second chance sales' of Olympic tickets. According to a report in Monday's Independent, somewhere in the region of 150,000 people applied for 2.3 million tickets. First come, first served. A desperate sprint to the finish line... but was the system ready?

02 Jun

Data and the common man

02 June 2011 by Jo Wright

Google's Eric Schmidt caused a hoo-ha recently when he suggested that issues surrounding user privacy are a greater obsession with 'the elites' than they arefor 'the common man'. Life doesn't always go the way of the 'elites', of course, and in fact certain stratum have been having a tough old time of it if we consider the vexed issue of super injunctions. In this instance, the moneyed elite stood by as social networks ran a 21st century snowplough through the careful construct of a decidedly 20th century law.