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21 Sep

A personal guide to Conferring at EuroSTAR

21 September 2011 by Nathalie van Delft

This blog post is the second in a series of guides to the EuroSTAR Conference - keep your eyes peeled for more. In this post, Nathalie van Delft, EuroSTAR 2011 Online Ambassador, shares her personal experience of the EuroSTAR Conference. "My first EuroSTAR was the previous Manchester edition in 2006. I know I was very excited and I remember spending a huge amount of time selecting tracks that I wanted to visit. Still wet behind the ears in testing-land I had a hard time choosing the tracks, all seemed so interesting and since I was a rookie I knew each choice would bring me something new...."

27 Aug

Pursuing a Quality Programme...(2)

27 August 2011 by Nathalie van Delft

I've been arrogant and ignorant and it had an impact on the way I've been compiling my Quality Programme of EuroSTAR.

This blog is the sequel of the one I wrote in May about persuing a Quality Programme for EuroSTAR and about specifically picking tracks that are on your 'wont attend' list.

19 May

Pursuing a Quality Programme...

19 May 2011 by Nathalie van Delft

Every year after the announcement of the EuroSTAR programme, a period of puzzling, reading and choosing starts... time to pursue a quality programme of your own! May 10th, the day the EuroSTAR programme is announced. I had cleared my schedule to attend the webinar with the introduction, but - as last year- to be able to attend the webinar seems to be hexed, so I miss THE moment. Luckily I'm also attending TestNet SpringEvent where I have my first encounter with the programme, actually in a very personal way; namely via the lovely smiles of the Qualtech Ladies handing me over the flyer with the programme on it!