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08 Sep

An Introduction to Performance Testing

08 September 2011 by Jim Holmes

If you've been monitoring our roadmap or other announcement channels, you may have heard we’re bringing performance testing to Test Studio. This is a pretty exciting step for us, and it lets us bring some great functionality to help you continue to boost the quality of the software you’re delivering.

I thought I’d take some time to lay down some of my opinions and experiences around performance testing in general as a bit of a lead in to later posts which will showcase our performance testing functionality. I’ll be writing a number of posts over the next few weeks to cover some fundamentals around performance testing.

01 Sep

An Excerpt From: The Art of Application Performance Testing

01 September 2011 by Ian Molyneaux

What is performance? Why carry out performance testing in the first place? Here I also strive to provide a definition of when an application is considered performant and when it is considered non-performant, and then discuss some of the common causes of a less than perfect end user experience.