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25 Aug

Eat your greens, or there is no pudding

25 August 2011 by Tony Simms

You would not let your children get away without eating their greens, so why do we allow some testers to snipe from the side lines without really adding value or doing all they can to understand the application under test and to get their bug reports giving as much helpful information as possible?

12 Aug

What is the point of a Gate if there is a chuffing great hole in the fence?

12 August 2011 by Tony Simms

You set your critieria, you hold your gate, the software fails, but still you move forward. Is there any point at all in quality gates that get ignored? I think there is.

24 Jul

When Requirements turn bad.

24 July 2011 by Tony Simms

This week I was confronted by a suppliers test manager with the accusation ( and I quote) "Your requirements are rubbish! Now, why that might not be the most customer friendly way of making a point, it certainly gained my attention.