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Browse our latest eBooks authored by some of the most prominent names in Euro_ebook_FINALSoftware Testing. Our aim is to deliver EuroSTAR Software Testing eBooks to our community as informative resources, providing you with insightful and practical advice, and assisting your role as a test professional. If you are interested in collaborating with EuroSTAR Conferences online community to produce an eBook that will be promoted to over 15,000 testers, please contact for more details.


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The Three Pillars of Agile Quality and Testing

This eBook contains the Three Pillars Introduction chapter and Three Pillars Applied chapter from the soon to be published 'The Three Pillars of Agile Quality & Testing' book.

Testing in Scrum - A Guide for Software Quality Assurance in the Agile World

This eBook contains an extract from the book: 'Testing in Scrum - A Guide for Software Quality Assurance in the Agile World' by Tilo Linz. By reading this eBook you will Learn about Integration Testing and Continuous Integration as well as System Testing and Testing Nonstop

Software Testing Tips: Experiences and Realities

This eBook includes lessons learned for guiding any level software testers and it consists of practical information about how to handle fundamental software testing issues.

Model-Based Testing for Systems of Systems

This eBook on model-based testing is taken almost exclusively from chapter 17 of 'Software Testing - A Craftsman's Approach, fourth edition' by Paul Jorgensen

Beautiful Testing

Karen N. Johnson's chapter from Beautiful Testing published by O'Reilly in 2008 describes how her professional experience intersected with her personal life while testing medical software.

Double eBook: Tester Motivation - the results from a 600 tester survey

This eBook comprises of three parts. Initially there is a brief list of ten top tips on tester motivation, which summarize the major conclusions of the two detailed white papers that follow.

Moving To Weekly Releases

Rob Lambert describes how he fundamentally changed his approach to testing in order to move from 8 month to weekly releases.

Using Your Visual Superpowers

This paper describes a number of modelling techniques and methods that Torbjörn Ryber has found very useful when working with analysis of customer needs, requirements, solutions and testing these.

Situational Testing

This publication identifies the essential features of situational testing, explains the various forms of testing that can be used in situational testing and explores situational testing in practice.

HP Better Outcomes Faster Results

A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned By HP (EuroSTAR 2013 Platinum Sponsor).

Testing in the Age of Distraction

EuroSTAR 2013 Best Paper winner Zeger van Hese explains how to benefit from distraction, how to find flow and focus when needed, and - lastly - how to make the most of our testing in these connected times.

2013 - A Year in Review

This eBook will share with you some of the most popular resources from last year. Enjoy!

Competing For Solutions: New Approach for Testing Tools Gil Bloom

This sponsor eBook by Testuff Ltd discusses software testing tools and their benefits to the client.

Testing Cloud Services. How to test SaaS PaaS and IaaS

This eBook provides an introduction to testing cloud services and gives an impression on the general strategy for coping with the introduction of cloud services from risk and test perspective.

'Performance testing, a practical guide and approach' by Albert Witteveen

No matter what performance test tool you use, the basics are the same. We describe how to define if the test focuses on the ability to handle the expected load, finding out when it breaks or how it behaves over a longer period of time. Then how to script the test, setup monitoring.

'Performance Analysis of a Distributed Execution Environment for JUnit Test Cases on a Small Cluster' by Eric Bower, Tauhida Parveen & Scott Tilley

This eBook for the EuroSTAR Community by Scott Tilley, Tauhida Parveen and Eric Bower discusses 'Performance Analysis of a Distributed Execution Environment for JUnit Test Cases on a Small Cluster'.

'Agile Testing: How to Succeed in an Extreme Test Environment' by John Watkins

This eBook for the EuroSTAR Community by John Watkins discusses Agile Meetings & Communications Practices

'Integrate Test Activities in Agile Projects' by Leo van der Aalst & Rik Marselis

This eBook for the EuroSTAR Community by Leo van der Aalst & Rik Marselis discusses how you can effectively test in Agile projects.

Advanced Software Testing - Vol.2 by Rex Black

This eBook is an excerpt from Rex Black's book, Advanced Software Testing: Volume 2. It consists of the section concerning risk-based testing and how risk-based testing responds to risks including identifying those risks, executing a risk analysis, mitigating risks, monitoring the impact of a risk-based test strategy and analysing and reporting on test results.

Introduction to Google Software Testing

This EuroSTAR Software Testing Community eBook is an excerpt from James Whittaker's book - How Google Tests Software - download it for FREE now!

Test Automation Anecdotes

This eBook produced for the EuroSTAR Software Testing Community contains a collection of test automation anecdotes taken from Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster's book entitled: 'Experiences of Test Automation.'

2012 - A Year in Review

Take a look back at 2012 with our EuroSTAR Community & Conference: Year in Review eBook. Access ebooks and recorded webinars from some of the top professionals, photos, videos and much more...

Testing Maturity Model Integration

TMMi is a non-commercial, organization-independent test maturity model. Erik van Veenendaal and Jan Jaap Cannegieter, also co-authors for the “The Little TMMi”, have analyzed the results of almost fifty (50) TMMi assessments. The results provide an indication of testing maturity today.

Specification by Example

We automate specifications to get fast feedback, but our primary goal should be to create executable specifications that are easily accessible and human readable, not just to automate a validation process.

Get Rid of the Fixing Phase

Do you often hear complaints about testing taking too long and costing too much? We investigated and found that the testing itself was not the problem.

Taking Your Team in the Iterative Direction

This eBook tells the story of an 'action/reaction' situation Erik Boelen's test team encountered in a non-iterative environment, being 'forced' to work in small cycles.

Special Edition EuroSTAR eBook

In this special edition EuroSTAR eBook, you will find two papers presented at the 19th annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference, which took place from 21 – 24 November 2011 in Manchester.

Smarter Quality Management: The Fast Track to Competitive Advantage

Many factors serve to complicate software delivery, but competition lies at the heart of this complexity.

The Benefits and Practice of Early Lifecycle Performance Testing.

In this paper the benefits and challenges of early lifecycle testing for a cluster of technical test types are examined, commonly known as performance testing.

The EuroSTAR Blog: The Most Popular Posts from 2011

This EuroSTAR eBook is a collection of the top ten blog posts that featured on the EuroSTAR Blog in 2011. These posts are the ones that were viewed and commented most on by the software testing community. The topics are varied and you may spot some familiar faces, as well as some newcomers.

Testing for Peak Performance

Thousands or even millions of people engage with your company every day. These interactions often involve no human contact. In fact, the primary relationship many people have with your organization is through your applications. So, it is imperative that these systems perform as expected and are accessible when needed.

Web Application Testing

David Vandervoort imparts his personal view on Web Application Testing and the approach followed by the company he works for. He states that this approach is not set in stone as there is always room for improvement.

An Excerpt From: The Art of Application Performance Testing

Performance testing is a neglected cousin of functional & regression testing, which are well understood in most businesses & where the maturity level is high in many organizations. Curiously, executives lack an appreciation of the importance of performance testing.

Testing Slow Flows Fast

We live in a world where instant fulfillment is a keyword when doing business. Everything seems to be going faster and faster in our ‘online’ world.

In Pursuit of Quality

In this eBook, Geoff Thompson and previous EuroSTAR Programme Chairs including Bob van de Burgt, Dorothy Graham, Jens Pas and Stuart Reid have each contributed an article in relation to this year's conference theme, 'In Pursuit of Quality.'

Practical Risk Based Testing: The PRISMA Method

In this eBook Erik discusses Practical Risk-Based Testing: The PRISMA Method. He states that often the activities prior to test execution are delayed.

Test Strategies in Agile Projects

A well defined agile test strategy guides you through the common obstacles with a clear view of how to evaluate the system.

Working Ourselves Out of a Job – A Passion for Improvement

This paper asks what is the purpose of a tester? Are we really needed? Should we be needed?

The EuroSTAR 2010 Diaries

We were amazed and thrilled to read the fascinating account of what EuroSTAR meant to so many different people. So much so, we thought we'd share them in an eBook.

A Lucky Shot at Agile

This paper describes life as a tester in a team of agile rookies: the context - a major healthcare IT company - and what agile did and didn't do for us