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A full library of presentations from all previous EuroSTAR Conference's from 1999 up to the present day. Search by year or by topic as you read through presentations from test experts on various test specific topics.


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'Integration' Publications

What Any Developer Or Tester Should Know Even After Midnight

A thought provoking presentation looking at the software delivery process from both the perspective of the developer and the tester while also highlighting key essentials that both should insist on.

The V Model, Adding Real Value

This presentation looks at the V Model and details how it can be utilised to deliver real added value.

Improving Software By Advanced Data Analysis

This presentation looks at how to improve software as a direct result of using advanced data analysis

Testing In Agile Maintenance Processes

A look at testing in an agile maintenance process - this talk looks at the challenges faced and provides tips for success

Software Inspection - A Failure Story

This presentation looks at a project where software inspection failed to work as it should and details what happened and how to get back on track.

Component Based Testing

An insightful and detailed look and analysis of component based testing

Verification Of Critical Telecommunications Systems

A presentation that focuses on the verification of telecommunication systems - a case study from Ericsson

Measuring ROI: Agony and Ecstacy

This presentation takes a look at different ways of measuring ROI and when it goes right (ecstacy) or wrong (agony)

Process Improvement Techniques That Deliver Measurable Added Value

A presentation that discussed different process improvement techniques that can ultimately deliver added value.

Technical Testing: Bridging The Gap Between Testers and Development

A look at how the gap between testers and developers can be bridged whilst performing technical testing

Integrated System and Test Development - The UML Testing Profile

This presentation takes a look at the UML Testing profile and test development

Integrated Development/Test Project Teams

An insight into the workings of an integrated development/test team.

Secrets of Test Driven Development

In this presentation, the presenter shares some secrets of test driven development

Confessions of an Integration Tester

This presentation looks at the role of the Integration tester and focuses on their confessions from experience

Some Conditions for Component Based Software Integration Testing

This presentation takes a look at the conditions necessary for component based software integration testing

Focused Integration Testing in a Large System: A Case Study

This presentation takes a look at a case study where integration testing was used in a large system