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A full library of presentations from all previous EuroSTAR Conference's from 1999 up to the present day. Search by year or by topic as you read through presentations from test experts on various test specific topics.


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'Internet' Publications

E-Commerce: The Enemy Within'

Thi presentation looks at the enemy for testers within E-Commerce

Pain Vs Gain Testing, The Impact of Web Sites

This presentation looks at the impact of web sites on testing as a profession

Failure Is Not An Option

This presentation focuses on the internet and looks at how failure is not an option

Structered Internet Performance Testing

This presentation takes a look at structered internet performance testing

Prediction of Software Failures Based on Systematic Testing

This presentation looks at software failures that were based on systematic testing or Dot.Bomb? A Dress Rehearsal Strategy

This presentation looks at whether alot of internet based testing is '' or 'dot.bomb'

The ABC of e-Testing

This presentation takes a look at the ABC of e-testing

E-Testing: Focus on User Perception

This presentation takes a look at e-testing and how a focus on user perception can be beneficial

E-Testing the Airline

This presentation looks at the e-testing of an airline

Web Testing - Re-Inventing the Wheel

This presentation takes a look at web testing and the challenges it has brought to testing in a totally new environment

Get It Right First Time dot com

This presentation discusses how to get web testing to work first time

Risk: The New Language of e-Business Testing

This presentation looks at risk and how it has become the new language of e-business testing

Testing In Internet Time

This presentation looks at testing in internet time

e-Testing: What e-Xpertise Do You Need?

This presentation focuses on e-testing and what skills and expertise are necessary for success

Testing a Distributed Internet System - A Case Study

This presentation presents a case study of an actual project where a distributed internet system was tested

E-Business or E-Chaos?

This presentation looks at how to test your way out of trouble to avoid e-chaos.

Internet Performance Solutions

This presentation looks at internet performance solutions

Smarter Testing Earlier - Testing in Internet Time

This presentation takes a look at a case study where smarter testing was implemented earlier than usual and the benefits of doing so

Development Lifecycles for Websites

This presentation looks at development lifecycles for websites

E-Risk and E-Benefit. The E-Conomics of Software Testing

This presentation takes a look at the economics of software testing from an e-testing perspective

Testing WebSphere Voice Server

This presentation looks at experiences and lessons learnt from testing the websphere voice server

Common Web-Based Bottlenecks - Isolation and Identification

This presentation focuses on web-based bottlenecks and more specifically how they can be isolated and then identified.

Testing WWW

This presentation focuses on the testing of the world wide web