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A full library of presentations from all previous EuroSTAR Conference's from 1999 up to the present day. Search by year or by topic as you read through presentations from test experts on various test specific topics.


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'Metrics' Publications

Are Real Test Metrics Predictive for the Future?

This presentation looks at the results of 36 different projects using metrics are discussed

Metrics: Tips & Pitfalls

This presentation will provide working professionals with some tips to help them use metrics more effectively in the daily role.

Ready to Ship

This presentation looks at metrics and how to establish and utilise a set of simple yet powerful KPI's.

Focusing Test Efforts While Servicing Large Systems

An in-depth analysis of challenges behind servicing complex software, ideas behind our system of collecting and reporting change related data, implementaton details and some results we achieved with this.

Keeping Your Metrics Message Simple

This presentation looks at how over-detailed reporting leads to misunderstanding and porr decision making by obscuring key facts through looking at messages that test managers wished to convey and how they were actually interpreted.

Management by Numbers

This presentation addresses some of the typical people issues that are encountered when utilising metrics and shows how cognitive science and social psychology can play an important role.

Making Sense of Metrics

This presentation takes a look at metrics, their role with testing and how you can make sense of the most complicated set of metrics.

Analysing Defect Data from an Iterative Development Process

A talk highlighting how testers can and perhaps should analyse defect data from an iterative development process.

Operational Excellence Through Efficient Software Testing Metrics

A talk that looks at how organisational excellence can be achieved through efficient software testing metrics.

KISS with Metrics and ROI - 12 Months On

This presentation look at the situation with KISS and Metrics 12 months on

The Importance Of Agreed Software Quality Metrics

This presentation looks at the importance of agreed software testing metrics

Traditional Coverage Metrics: How Meaningful Are They?

This presentation takes a look at whether traditional coverage metrics are actually meaningful any longer

Release Metrics: When to Stop Testing with a Clear Conscience

This presentation looks at release metrics and enough testing is enough

Development & Validation of a Metric Based Test Maturity Model (1)

This presentation takes a look at the development and validation of a Metric Based test maturity model

The Role of Metrics in Testing Process Improvement

This presentation looks at the role of metrics in TPI

Risk Based Testing & Metrics: Experiences at ABN Amro Bank

This presentation presents a case study from ABN Amro bank where Risk Based Testing and Metrics were used

Quantifying the Benefits of Investing in Test

This presentation looks at how the benefits of investing in test can be quantified

KISS with Metrics

This presentation takes a look at KISS and how it can be used with test metrics

Risk Based Testing and Metrics

This presentation takes a look at risk based testing and metrics.