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'Model Based testing' Publications

Tester Needed? No Thaks, We Use MBT!

This presentation will go into detail regarding the current state of Model Based Testing and its future while also sharing experiences from a pilot project with Model Based Testing.

Model-Based Testing of a Financial Application - A Case Study

This presentation looks at the deployment of a Model Based Testing solution to a project of migrating a critical financial application.

The Truth about Model Based Quality Requirements

In this presentation, model based techniques for quality control are discussed along with their advantages and disadvantages.

From Keywords to Model-Based Test Automation

This presentation looks at a solution that generates keywords sequences to be executed on the System under Test

A Practical Experiment in Model Based Testing Adoption

This presentation will introduce processes for undertaking MBT and highlight where there are different to traditional testing.

Working With Model-Based Testing

This presentation shows ways in which you can implement model based testing in your organisation

Model Based Testing from UML Models

This presentation gives a practical introduction to model based testing, showing how to write models in UML 2.0 for testing purposes.

The Use Case Problem: Time Testers Spoke Out

A discussion looking at what has been phrased the Use Case Problem and explains why testers should speak out against it.

Model Based Testing Using UML 2.0

This presentation looks at model based testing using UML 2.0

Ultimate Model Based Testing

This talk looks at Model Based Testing in its ultimate form.

The Use of Quality Modelling for Identifying Test Objectives

This presentation takes a look at the use of quality modelling for identifying test objectives

A Lean And Mean Approach To Model Based Testing

This presentation will show how to use open source tools for model based testing, without having to learn complex new techniques and/or having to invest in expensive programs.
Based on state transition diagrams and "key word" driven Excel sheets, it is demonstrated that you can start experimenting with model based testing. I present a method for online, offline tests and also how to automate these tests.
This is an experimental demonstration of the tools for test- or project managers, testers and programmers. The first half will be general, the second half more technical.
Key points:
• Model based testing and test automation
• Using open source tools
• Demonstrating state transition diagrams for testing