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A full library of presentations from all previous EuroSTAR Conference's from 1999 up to the present day. Search by year or by topic as you read through presentations from test experts on various test specific topics.


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'People' Publications

Testing - A Dangerous Profession

A thought provoking presentation looking at how testers can be more prone to depression and burnout

What Kind of Fish Is A Tester?

A quirky presentation looking at how people are different and how unique skillsets can be used in putting together a test team.

Communicating to Decision Makers

A presentation highlighting the importance of effective communication to top level management and how to get your point across

A Special Member For The Dreamteam

An overview of the creation of Specialsterne and how they created a special environment for people with Autism to work as testers and how their unique skills are a match for testing

The Open Project & It's Enemies

This speculative presentation seeks to raise questions and discussion on the role of leaders in projects; collaboration, confrontation and cooperation in projects and also the relationship of the dream team to preferred style of leaders. Is it desirable or possible?

Use Values In Building A Testing Team

A presentation looking at how value based leadership can be harnessed in testing organisations. Learn how to pick the right people for specific functions within your test team.

Testers Are Doing It For Themselves

This presentation concentrates on how every testing professional can move their career forward through personal investment. Different types of personal investment are looked at, including hints and tips on how to help yourself, your teams adn the testing community!

Rise and Fall of a Test Organisation

This presentation looks at the rise and fall of several professional independent test organisations as witnessed by the presenter.

Real Life Tested Recipes To Build A Close-Knit Testing Team

A discussion on the different elements of effective test team building

Building A Positive Passionate Organisation

One of the key ingredients of a successul and performing testing organisation is a positive and passionate workforce - this presentation looks at how to build such a workforce.

How to Become a Happy Tester

This presentation shows you that changing your attitude and thinking differently about yourself and others can and will change the situation and most importantly your reactions to it.

Center Based Testing Approach: Predictability, Productivity & People

This presentation offers a viewpoint that testing can only be predictable and productive to any meaningful degree when carried out in a controlled environment where the test process is Industrialised i.e. In a Test Center

Testing Hats

This inspirational presentation draws on ideas from the testing industry and outside it. Gain fresh perspectives from wearing somebody else's hat.

Testing for Accessibility

This presentation will give an insight into the relationship between accessibility and usability for disabled people.

Testing - It's Been Emotional

Derived from personal experiences over 30 years, this will be a mind map based talk from the heart, not a 'death by powerpoint' presentation. A look at various aspects of testing from the presenters experience.

Knowing What's Right, Doing What's Wrong

This presentation takes a look at situations where the best way forward is clearly evident but another route is choosen and also how to avoid this pitfall.

Personal Test Maturity Matrix

The presenter looks at the Personal Test Maturity Matrix and discusses how it can be used to improve individual testers performance.

Testing Can Be Adaptive

This presentation looks at how testing can be adaptive to different environments and highlights how testing is adaptive.

Adding Autism Competencies To Testing

An inspirational presentation looking at how the presenter began to use the competencies of Autistic people for testing.

Measuring For Testing Skill Development

This presentation looks at how testers can develop themselves through constant self appraisal and looks at means for measuring development.

Better By Design

A presntation looking at the importance of test desig, the human element and how important test design is to overall success

Human Boundary Conditions

A presentation focusing on the people element of testing and the boundary conditions associated.

Communication and Assertiveness

This talk looks at the importance of communication and assertiveness for test professionals

Becoming A 'Trusted Advisor' - How To Present The Testing Message Effectively

This presentation explains how you can become a trusted test advisor and looks at the best ways to present the testing message effectively.

Breaking Down The Barriers Between Testers and Developers

This presentation looks at ways to break down the barriers between testers and developers

The Accidental Project Manager, QA to the Rescue

This presentation look at the role of the 'accidental' project manager and how QA can assist

Building on Real Success

This presentation looks at how to build further on real success

What is Success for the Tester?

This talk looks at what constitutes success to a tester

Effective People Skills for Testers and Developers

This presentation looks at effective people skills for both testers and developers

People Issues In Successful Testing Projects

A talk that looks at the importance of people issues in successful testing projects

Building Success: Beyond The Obvious

This presentation takes a look at building on success and perhaps looking at some not too obvious means of accomplishing this.

Testing Improvements - Measuring the Benefits

This presentation looks at how the benefits can be measured as a direct result of testing improvements

Testers Are Doing It For Themselves

This presentation looks at how testers can do it for themselves

Can Anybody Work In A Test Team

This presentation discusses whether anybody can become a member of a test team

Recruiting & Retaining the Right Test Personnel

This talk looks at the recruitment process for testers and how to retain the right test personnel

Emotional Intelligence As The Key To Software Quality

This talk looks at emotional intelligence as the key to software quality

Sharing Knowledge with Test Patterns

This presentation looks at how to share knowledge with Test Patterns

Teaching Testing, Testing Teaching

This presentation looks at how testing can be taught and how testing can actually teach

Investors in Testing People

This presentation looks at the role of investors in test people

Myths and Legends of Testing

This presentations looks at some of the common myths and legends associated with software testing

Stetsons and Testers - A Practical Guide To Recruiting Testers

This presentation explains a practical guide to recruiting testers

A Test Career, Especially When Things Look Bad

This presentation takes a look at the test career and specifically when thing looks bad

Mind Mapping 101 for Testers

This presentation takes a look at the advantages of mindmapping for test professionals