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'SCRUM' Publications

Agile Test Management Using SCRUM

This presentation looks at lessons learned with using SCRUM as a test management method and the benefits of using it in your daily role as a test manager.

Help I'm Stuck in a Scrum Project!

Many testers think it is difficult to adapt and make high quality tests in a Scrum project. The different parts of the test process are often questioned and it is hard to maintain the orderliness good test is founded on. During the presentation you will get some practical tips on how you may continue your efficient tests when you start working according to Scrum.
This presentation isn't mainly about the Scrum process, but about how you can map traditional testing into a Scrum project. Is it really possible to not write a test plan? How can system tests and bug reports be handled?..
Key points:
• Practical tips on how to test in a Scrum project
• How it is possible to not write a test plan and how to handle your bug reports in a Scrum project
• How testers can be confident about working in a Scrum team