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A full library of presentations from all previous EuroSTAR Conference's from 1999 up to the present day. Search by year or by topic as you read through presentations from test experts on various test specific topics.


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'Soft Skills' Publications

Make Your Testing Smarter - Know Your Context

This presentation looks at the mantra - 'Test Smarter not Harder' and how we set about accomplishing this

What Testers Can Learn From Management Guru's

This presentation looks at what testers can learn from management guru's like Prahalad, de Vries, Maslov, Covey and Collins.

Preparing your Team for the Future

This presentation looks at how you can best prepare your test team for change and ultimately for the future.

Grand Testing Master Theory - Mind Mapping Workshop

This sessions leverages recent research discoveries about how Chess Grand Masters and how this can be applied to testing

Testing is... Learning From Different Perspectives

A presentation looking at different approaches to testing, testing from different perspectives and the challenges involved as a result

Can "Softer Skills" Help Define Your Career Growth

This presentation looks at how softer skills and how they can assist tester in their career.

Whatever! Testing with Attitude

This presentation will highlight ways to take testing to a new level of professionalism and influence in business and IT.

How to Become a Happy Tester

This presentation shows you that changing your attitude and thinking differently about yourself and others can and will change the situation and most importantly your reactions to it.

The Kiss of Life - Software Testing gets a Blood Transfusion

This presentation takes a look at how software testing can get a kiss of life