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A full library of presentations from all previous EuroSTAR Conference's from 1999 up to the present day. Search by year or by topic as you read through presentations from test experts on various test specific topics.


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'TPI' Publications

Realistic TPI by Professionals: A Case Study

This presentation outlines how an internal testing profession was recognised and improved upon in the retail IT division of HBOS.

Test Approaches & Standards: A Survivors Tale

This presentation compares how different approach work, introducing metrics for test effectiveness , efficiency and measuring as well as the "human factor"

Why Risk-Based Testing and TPI Fails

Lets be honest, we all learned how not to fail by failing ourselves! This presentation looks at combining Risk Based Testing and TPI.

Applying TPI - An Unusual Case

This presentation looks at the application of TPI in a particularly unusual project.

TPI Automotive - Closing The Software Quality Cap

This presentation looks at TPI as applied to the automotive industry and explains how you can close the 'quality cap'

Process Improvement Techniques That Deliver Measurable Added Value

A presentation that discussed different process improvement techniques that can ultimately deliver added value.

TPI Benchmark

This presentation is an in-depth analysis of the TPI benchmark

Test Process Improvement - An Empirical Study

This presentation look a study conducted on TPI

Test Improvement Success at Philips Medical Systems

A look at test improvement success at Philips Medical Systems

Process Improvement - It's Not Rocket Science

A look at process improvement and how it is not rocket science

Theory and Practice in TPI

This talk looks at the theory behind TPI and also TPI in practice

The Role of Metrics in Testing Process Improvement

This presentation looks at the role of metrics in TPI

TPI Made Easy(er)

This presentation looks at how TPI can be made easy or at least easier

Test Assessments based on TPI

This presentation looks at test assessments based on TPI

TPI Initiating SPI

This presentation looks at TPI and how TPI can be initiated with SPI

Experiences of TPI Using TIM

This presentation takes a look at experiences of using TPI with TIM