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'Test Maturity' Publications

Analysing your Defect Data for Improvement Potential

In this presentation, you will see how you can organise and perform an analysis of your companys defect data in an effective way. The typical information collected for the analysis will be demonstrated and how the data can be analysed and presented.

It will also be demonstrated how to turn such analysis results into practical, focused improvement actions and the resulting benefits from them.

Agility and Process Maturity, Of Course They Mix!

In this presentation, the method will be shown from the testers perspective, describing both the great wins and the challenges we still have to address.

Testing is the Best Work There Is!

A presentation looking at the enjoyable aspects of testing and what makes it such a great profession. Examples from within Ericsson are used to support this.

The Testing Maturity Model in the Real World

A look at the test maturity model as applied in the real world