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'Test Process' Publications

Revolution, Evolution & Lean - A Test Process Improvement Diary

The move from a waterfall to agile is not straightforward for experienced testers. You need to throw away your old process (=Revolution) and then improve the new process constantly (=Evolution). Usually, it is not possible to have a full scale revolution at once. That makes the evolution even more important. An effective approach to speed up the evolution is to take the seven wastes of lean management as a guideline.

This presentation is my diary for test process improvement, spanning from EuroSTAR 2010 in Copenhagen to the 2011 conference in Manchester. It highlights the evolution of three agile teams in a Finnish major company.

Waste is often produced by applying good practices in the wrong place. It can also be caused by very practical things like bad seating arrangements. However, the biggest waste is to optimize the wrong things - e.g. the detection of defects instead of their prevention.

Feedback Focused Process Improvement

A presentation looking at how we could learn from Toyota (lowest defect car maker in the world) - how we can learn from their models and methods that have revolutionised manufacturing and then inspired agile practises in IT.

Taking Your Team The Iterative Direction

This presentation takes the reader along on a customer experience story where the teams morale is lifted again. It looks at ways to speed up the testing process through working in iterations.

Software Testing At a Glance - or Two

This presentation aims to give a complete overview of testing which is essential for test managers and senior testers. The poster ' Software Testing at a Glance' is used to accomplish this.

The Test Business Team

A discussion on how taking a business-like approach might help test and QA managers to be more influential within their organisation.

Use of a Weighting Factor To Improve Software Verification

This talk will highlight a case study undertaken at Ericsson for software development and verification projects of the new telecommunication data services.

Aligning Development and Testing Lifecycles

The key thing to do when producing a testing strategy is to align the testing and development activities - this presentation looks at how this can be done.

Testing Hats

This inspirational presentation draws on ideas from the testing industry and outside it. Gain fresh perspectives from wearing somebody else's hat.

Selling Testing to Management

A look at the importance of been able to clearly outline and manifest the importance of testing to top level management.

Process Improvement at Marks & Spencers

A Case study looking at how Marks & Spencers implement process improvement.

TMM - Add Value by Impoving Your Test Process

A presentation that takes a look at TMM and explains how it can be used to improve your test process

When Scrap Becomes Product: Showing Added Value With Solved Defects

This talk looks at situations where scrap or disgarded items become the product, how this was accomplished and the added value of solved defects.

Q Gates: Structuring the QA Process

This presentation takes a looks at how Q Gates can aid in structuring the QA Process

The Double Backslash Model (\\ Model)

This presentation looks at the double backslash model (\\ model)

Improve Your Estimates by Using Historical Data

This presentation explains how you could improve your estimates by using historical data

Successful Test Strategies

This talk looks at examples of successful test strategies

I Don't Need a Test Strategy

This presentations looks at whether a test strategy is always needed and looks at the occasions where 'I Don't Need A Test Strategy'

Managing a Testing Improvement Programme - If Only I'd Known

This presentation looks at the setting up of a test improvement programme by the presenter and what he wishes he had of known in advance

Towards a More Mature Test Process

This presentation looks at moving towards a more mature test process

Upgrade Your Test Process: An Approach That Really Works

This presentations looks at an approach that actually upgrades their test process

Get an Organisation Test Wise

This presentation looks at how an organisation can become test wise

Changing Testing At Legal & General

This presentation takes a look at how testing has chaged at Legal & General

Improving the Testing Process to Secure Quality

This presentation looks at how to improve the testing process to secure quality

Quality and Test Improvements for a Large 00 Orientated Software System

This presentation looks at quality and test improvements within a large 00 Orientated company

Improvements Through Configuration Management & Test for a Testpath Generator Tool

This presentation takes a look at improvements through configuration management and the use of a testpath generator tool in doing so

Testing Methodology of Highly Complex Systems

This presentation takes a look at the testing methodology of highly complex systems

What is NOT Working? What to Do?

This presentation takes a look at what is not workling and what to do in these circumstances