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A full library of presentations from all previous EuroSTAR Conference's from 1999 up to the present day. Search by year or by topic as you read through presentations from test experts on various test specific topics.


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'Tester Skills' Publications

Multidisciplinary Test Engineer - Is That A Future?

This presentation looks at the vast role of the test engineer and discusses the future of such a complex role

The Software Testing Body of Knowledge

This presentation provides a platform for discussion and debate about the Software Testing Body of Knowledge (BOK). 'What is it?' Who should use it?', 'Does it exist?' and importantly 'Do we need it?'

Becoming A Test Expert

In this presentation, the presenter gives some hints and tips on how to become a test expert

What We Knew 10 Years Ago But Still Do Not Do and Why

In the presentation, the presenter looks at things testers knew 10 years ago but still do not do today and explains why this is so.

Solid As A Rock

This presentation takes a look at the importance of a solid presence in a project

Emotional Intelligence As The Key To Software Quality

This talk looks at emotional intelligence as the key to software quality

Did Your Quality Initative Fail Again

This presentation focuses on quality initatives and whybthey sometimes do not work

From Art of Software Testing to Leadership

This presentation looks at the art of software testing and how it can moves towards effective leadership

Increasing the Value of Every Person On Your Team

This presentation takes a look at how you can increase the value of every person on your test team

How to Break Software

This presentation looks at how to break software (with examples)

Testing to Die For

This presentation compares testing to a samurai way of life

Adding Value by Static Testing

This presentation looks at how added value can be achieved through static testing

Get Your Message Across: Reporting for Maximum Impact

This presentation looks at how testers can get their message across for maximum impact

Testing In The Dark

This presentation takes a look at testing in the blind or testing in the dark