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A full library of presentations from all previous EuroSTAR Conference's from 1999 up to the present day. Search by year or by topic as you read through presentations from test experts on various test specific topics.


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'Testing and Development' Publications

Integrated System and Test Development - The UML Testing Profile

This presentation takes a look at the UML Testing profile and test development

Integrated Development/Test Project Teams

An insight into the workings of an integrated development/test team.

Breaking Down The Barriers Between Testers and Developers

This presentation looks at ways to break down the barriers between testers and developers

Helping Developers To Accept Testing

A talk on how developers can be helped to 'eventually' accept testing

Secrets of Test Driven Development

In this presentation, the presenter shares some secrets of test driven development

Development Manager's View of Testing

This presentation looks at testing through the eyes of a development manager.

Effective People Skills for Testers and Developers

This presentation looks at effective people skills for both testers and developers

Developer Testing with XP

This presentation focuses on developer testing with XP

A Way of Making Developers Tests More Successful

This presentation looks at a way of making developers tests more successful

Testing Daily Builds in an Iterative Development Process

This talk looks at how tests can be conducted on daily builds in an iterative development process

Improving Developer's Tests

This presentation looks at how developers tests can be improved upon

Iterative Development - Don't Forget the Testers

This presentation takes a look at iterative development and why it is so important to not forget the testers

Testing has Become a Bottleneck in Software Development

This presentation takes a look at whether testing has become a bottleneck in software development

Experiences of Test Driven Development

This presentation takes a look at the presenters experiences of test driven development

Testing as A Driver for Development Changes

This presentation looks at testing as a driver for development changes

The Three Holy Grails of Test Development

This presentations details the three holy grails of test development

Development Lifecycles for Websites

This presentation looks at development lifecycles for websites

Extreme Programming - What We Should Learn From It

This presentation takes a look at extreme programming and what testers should be learning from it.

Developer Testing To Reduce TTM on Sony-Ericsson Smartphones

This presentation takes a look at a case stidy where developer testing was used to ruduce TTM on a Sony Ericsson device