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Welcome to the EuroSTAR Software Testing webinar archive. Here you can access on-demand webinars on software testing by the world's leading testing experts.




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Webinar 97: Tester Motivation - the results of a 600 tester survey

Stuart Reid (22/04/2014)

Webinar 96: 2014 Programme Announcement with Paul Gerrard

Paul Gerrard (09/04/2014)

Webinar 95: Four Crucial Tips for Automating Your Web Tests with Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes (08/04/2014)

Webinar 94: Moving to Weekly Releases - A Journey

Rob Lambert (25/03/2014)

Webinar 93: Better Practices for Crafting Automated Tests

Bj Rollison (11/03/2014)

Webinar 92: Mobile Testing – the relation between tests, business goals and design considerations.

Derk-Jan de Grood (25/02/2014)

Webinar 91: I think we have an issue – Delivering Unwelcome Messages

Fiona Charles (11/02/2014)

Webinar 90: Testing In The Age Of Distraction

Zeger van Hese (28/01/2014)

Webinar 89: How To Solve Testing Problems Without Solving Them

Bart Vrenegoor (12/12/2013)

Webinar 88: Improve The Process By Taking Control

Amy Phillips (11/12/2013)

Webinar 87: Experiences Of Test Automation At Spotify

Kristian Karl (10/12/2013)

Webinar 86: Fooled By Unknown Unknowns

Alexandra Casapu (10/12/2013)

Webinar 85: The Commoditization of Testing

Iain McCowatt (17/10/2013)

Webinar 84: Test Smart. Test Intelligent. GenNext Automation (SPONSOR)

Vishal Mehrotra & Ruediger Spies (TCS Sponsor Webinar) (16/10/2013)

Webinar 83: Development and Testing for the New Style of IT (SPONSOR)

Michael Cooper & Toby Marsden (HP Sponsor Webinar) (15/10/2013)

Webinar 81: API Testing: The heart of functional testing

Bj Rollison (17/09/2013)

Webinar 78: Experiences from 10 years of testing - A couple of interesting cases

Anna Hoff (17/09/2013)

Webinar 82: Emerging Trends in Testing - Conclusions from the 2013-2014 World Quality Report

Michael Cooper & Makarand Teje (17/09/2013)

Webinar 80: Going Cloudy? How to test SaaS?

Kees Blokland (17/09/2013)

Webinar 77: The Search for Surprises

James Lyndsay (17 September 2013)

Webinar 76: Thinking Strategically About Testing

Fiona Charles (17 September 2013)

Webinar 79: The Confidence Game - What is the Mission of Testing?

Keith Klain (17/09/2013)

Webinar 75: ISO 29119 - The New Set of International Standards on Software Testing

Stuart Reid (17 September 2013)